Technical Editing for Scientists

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former instructor for Revising Scientific Prose at UC Davis)


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On-line advice about technical writing

I developed an on-line Revision Guide to help students in my courses at the University of California at Davis. You also might find the Revision Guide useful. In addition to advice about writing style, the Guide also contains fundamental information about sentence structure and parts of speech. I added this information because as I tried to teach students about selecting verbs (active vs. passive voice), avoiding prepositional phrase strings, and handling dependent clauses and phrases, I soon learned that many students could not identify subjects, verbs, clauses, prepositional phrases, etc. (consider: you cannot eliminate prepositional phrase strings if you cannot recognize a preposition). If you have forgotten your 7th grade grammar, see Identifying Sentence Components. The other links below should help you explore the Guide. Please tell me if you find any errors.


          Revision Guide

          Why should you revise?

          Why can revising be dangerous?

          The most important revision principle

          Effective writing

          Bureaucratic writing (the kind to avoid, unless you are trying to please a bureaucrat)

          How to revise sentences

          How to revise paragraphs

          Other common problems

          Passive voice