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Some examples of nominalizations


In the following examples, nouns that should be verbs are red; transitive active versions of the nouns are blue; and transitive passive versions of the nouns are green.



            Ecosystem destabilization can be the consequence of invasion.

            Invasion can destabilize ecosystems.

            Ecosystems can be destabilized by invasion.



            A conclusion was reached that pH determined the rate.

            We concluded that pH determined the rate.

            That pH determined the rate was concluded.



            A demonstration of the effect of pH was performed.

            We demonstrated the effect of pH.

            The effect of pH was demonstrated.



            An analysis of main effect and interaction was conducted.

            We analyzed main effects and interactions.

            Main effects and interactions were analyzed.



            The indication of the results was that pH controlled the rate.

            The results indicated that pH controlled the rate.

            That pH controlled the rate was indicated by the results.



            A study was conducted to determine whether pH had an effect on the rate

            We studied/determined whether pH affected the rate.

            The effect of pH on the rate was determined.