What I do

I edit technical writing (research papers, grant proposals, self evaluations, and theses) for clarity. In doing so, I check style, coherence, cohesion, and grammar. Most importantly, I critically read your paper through the eyes of an intelligent but ignorant reader. In addition to checking the text, I check tables and figures but I do not check formatting or citations.

After receiving your manuscript (which you will have prepared in Microsoft Word and sent as an e-mail attachment), I will tell you that I have the manuscript and when I will return an edited version to you. I usually return papers within 5 business days but I may need more time depending on how many papers are in line.

I no longer provide estimates in advance for several reasons. First, it is difficult to estimate the time needed, and I have underestimated that time too often in the past. Second, I have enough return customers who are willing to trust me and pay according to the time required; in other words, I do not need to work for customers who require an estimate in advance.