What are your responsibilities?


You should have revised the document at least twice before sending it to me; I suggest that you consult the on-line Revision Guide for help with revising and for help with deciding whether you want to use my service. Also read What I do and What I do not do.


Before sending the paper to me, I strongly suggest that you read and carefully follow the Instructions to Authors for the journal that you intend to submit the paper to. As noted elsewhere, I do not check formatting. Every journal has different requirements regarding Abstract length, tables, figures, section headings, citations, etc. If you do not check the Instructions to Authors before sending the paper to me, you certainly should do so before submitting it to the journal. Read about dealing with journals in the Revision Guide Index.

As the author, you and your coauthors are responsible for the final version of your paper. I will recommend changes but you must decide whether to accept the changes.


Finally, it is your responsibility to pay the amount indicated on the invoice. See How will you pay me? in the Revision Guide Index.